Why Choose Legacy Food Storage?

For anyone who is looking to purchase food for long term storage, the shelf life is one of the major considerations to make. And given that not all companies provide foods with the same shelf life, it is a factor that you can use to determine the company that you should purchase your food from. Now, given all the many companies in the food storage business that claim they provide foods with up to 25 years of shelf life, how can you be completely sure that the food you purchase will be edible an safe when you have the need for it several years down the road?

Well, the only way you can be sure that your food will stand the test of time is by considering the following factors. First, the ingredients used – of what level of quality are they? Second, the oxygen levels that are left in the packaging of the food and third, the packaging materials and techniques employed by the company. These are the major factors that determine how long a food can last in storage and still be edible.

That said, Legacy Food Storage Company is your best choice. It has been tested severally and it has been determined that they use the best and high quality ingredients in the manufacturing of the foods. Every single item that we, Legacy storage foods use has been certified and verified as being non-GMO. By spending a little bit extra on the ingredients, we are able to get the highest quality materials available in the market thereby ensuring that the Legacy foods that you get will provide you with better nutritional value, and will last longer than the products from competitors. In addition to this, before you make a purchase, you should look at the ingredients list and pay attention to ingredients like canola and other oils. Canola has a shelf life (maximum) of 2 years. As such, foods that contain it cannot last more than two years.

The amount of oxygen that is left behind in the packaging affects how long the food can last. This is because oxygen supports life – bacteria can thrive and your foods can decay and spoil. The minimum standard set in the industry for residual oxygen is below 2%. Legacy Food Storage however has pushed itself to achieve an average residual oxygen level of 0.11% which by far exceeds the set standards. Every package is flushed with nitrogen which pushes out the oxygen, an absorber of oxygen added to the packaging and a compression sealer that triple seals the Mylar pouch is used to ensure that it remains sealed. Before you make your decision, ensure that the oxygen levels are as recommended.

Lastly, but definitely not the least is the quality of materials that is used in the packaging of the food. Legacy Storage makes use of the highest quality material – Mylar pouches (superior). The Mylar pouches have demonstrated that they can keep moisture and oxygen away from the food in the long term. The pouches are later stored in plastic buckets that are BPA-free, to protect the foods from floods, sun and rodents. They are re-sealable and are easy to stack making their storage simple.

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